Most of us who have lived gone the young years, cognise that at hand will always be opportunist similar those unwritten of in the upshot of twister Katrina, who have designated to help yourself to supremacy of this miserable state to satiated their own wants or wants. The terrible outcome is that in so doing, they not single afflict themselves but others even more severely. But I essential concur next to Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., who, according to the Associated Press aforementioned "too a great deal engrossment has been located on the looting, taking distant from what should be the priority: feat food, binary compound and firmness to the tens of thousands of displaced victims."

Certainly, it strain us to cognize that many a who would variety donations to the cyclone victims are woman depressed by the behaviors of the looters. But we cannot let unthoughtful acts of the inconsiderate to reject us from move out as leaders we can to the thousands of hurting and truly ravaged humankind who are defunct in essence and crushed beneath the weight of bleakness. What is extremely required is man's death to man.

Before judging folks, we must comprehend what desperation does to us human race. The "survival of the fittest" kicks in and "every man for himself" mind-set triumphs for copious. Desperate present time product in despairing behaviors. But our concentration should be on the real disaster and not the subaltern. Yet, it seems that here is a lot of petty, insensitive foolhardiness active on.

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LEONARD PITTS JR., a journalist for the Miami Herald, offered this commentary:

The conurbation is flooded, society are homeless and empty-bellied and upset and inert. Shouldn't this be a clip for generous medium of exchange and saw prayers? Should we really fastidiousness nearly the color of the people pillaging in the hurricane zone? Or that Louisiana is a red state? Or that whichever of the departed are gay?

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Apparently, that gentle of article matters to any of us. It matters, for instance, to a black man who denote a short letter in an online meeting axiom he is disconcerted by tidings demo display that peak of the looters are achromatic. It matters to the light nation who have sent me log audacious me to recapitulate why blacks are ''running insane.'' It matters to the critic of a register circulating on the Internet who says it would be a ''problem'' for a broad in a cerulean articulate to direct comfort supply to a red articulate.

And it matters to a unit named Repent America, which has issued a bill saw the airstream was God's way of canceling a gay ball that was to have interpreted leave in New Orleans this hebdomad.

What the victims of Hurricane Katrina status is man's world to man and not man's excuses, blame, or narrow-mindedness. The indigent has gotten poorer. In the bright of an eye, what wee they had vanished into sudden nonexistence. What is to turn of a associates in such discomfort and ghastly circumstances?

We thank God for all the agencies, individuals, churches, celebrities, outside governments who have combined to present aid to the thousands of group wasted by Hurricane Katrina. We thank God for all who are contributive in doesn't matter what way they can.

An old woman who resides present in Florida, aforementioned to me, "I am on a inflexible takings and don't have substantially myself. I am 89 old age old and can narrowly see. But I must displace what diminutive I can to the Red Cross." A "little" mantled in esteem is exaggerated. The very God who took a few fish and loaves of breadstuff and fed 5,000 can lift our "little" and nurture tons.

Of course, there may be a few of us who are not able to bestow financially but we can rouse others and we can commune. Jon Lind, President and CEO of the Presidential Prayer Team, urges an new pray social control. He asks "all to back us mobilize extra large indefinite quantity to focusing on calling for God's grace and clemency in positive our fella Americans from the harsh contact of the cyclone."

Sanity's Challenge

When we can no longest dispersed the hope

Of cultural harmony,

Or widen a mitt in friendship

To all humanity;

When we can no longer endow with of ourselves

To those in critical need,

Or endorse those wasted in helplessness

And the weak, to intercede;

When we can no long wipe a tear

Or portion in another's pain,

Then we will know most assuredly

That we are no longest in his right mind.

Excerpt from the book: "Room Beneath the Snow"

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