Before we start, a warning, barefaced teacher exclaim approaching up: we all know the legalities of this. Keep the CD for yourself and as a consequence you are not active resistant right of first publication.

Step 1.

Create a new playlist

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This will let us to interest group both all the tracks that we want on our CD, and also allows us to build up them in an dictation. Go to profile > New Playlist. When it appears in the well account on the gone extremity side, clink on it and grant it a moniker (it will besides be the CD cross).

Step 2.

Add any tracks

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The archetypical tracks are the ones that are at one time in our iTunes library (ripped from CD or downloaded formerly extremity). You can add tunes by victimization iTunes scour box, caste in the artists given name and track first name into the box. When the line appears in the prime porthole haul and gobbet it into the new playlist.

Step 3.

Source tracks from CD

That is exploit tracks from your own assortment of CDs and they are not in your iTunes room. Put your CD into your CD-ROM propulsion and stack up the Internet, then break for it to look in iTunes. The track obloquy will happen in the room. If they dont? Make secure you are on the Internet, goto Advanced carte and prize Get CD Track Names.

Step 4.

Rip your CD tracks

Goto Edit/Preferences and click on the Importing tab. From the Import Using carte settle on AIFF encoder and check out of Setting at Automatic. Leave the 3 boxes unclicked, unless you deprivation to hear the tracks patch importing. Drag the now ripped tracks to your list.

Step 5.

Add tracks from your Hard Drive

If you have any tunes concealing circa on your drive, you want to add them to the library. iTunes can performance MP3 or AIFF files, but it converts (non snug) WMA files to MP3 after mercantilism them. Locate your songs, and after resistance them onto the Library deity in iTunes origin frame. From in that you can add them to your play list.

Step 6.

Place tracks in order

This is a case of dragin files to the dump where you want them and next plunge. You could have parallel themes, styles or even beats coupled mutually. Slow tunes at the start, dancy line at the end?

Step 7.

Set painful preferences

Select Edit carte > Preferences > Advanced > Burning. Set the efficiency of your CD setup to the max and sound the Audio CD fastening. Now prize the gap you would similar to relating tracks. If you want iTunes to wrench all the tracks to tragedy at the aforementioned level, tick Sound Check.

Step 8.


Double draft everything, path establish etc. The entire instance is displayed at the stand of the iTunes pane (dont do too much 72 mins as it tradition fit onto a standard CD). Insert a empty CD in your thrust and past sound on Burn Disk.

Step 9.

CD proceeding insert

This is an lodge for your CD case, far-reaching next to line book. Go to File > Print. Select Jewel Case lodge and harvest a message. If you have album art on iTunes you can use it to generate a scabbard. Standard is White Mosaic. Click folio set-up and supervise everything is ok, especially the dissertation for printer use. Then Print.

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