"Little Man Tate" is a instead sober hilarity about a 7-year-old formative years maestro called Fred Tate who is lacerate concerning his a bit routine female parent and a gaudy female person in accusation of other than prodigies. The impermanent is to a certain extent good, specially that of Adam Hann-Byrd, who show business the duty of Fred Tate.

Dete Tate (Foster) is the sui generis mother of Fred, a 7-year-old genius next to few friends and quite a few terrible thrilling snags. Fred goes to a rather workaday seminary and stand out in they opinion of his pedagogue and classmates. Meanwhile, Jane Grierson (Wiest), organizer of a academy for precocious children, notices Tate and wishes to enter him in her educational institution. After more than a few coaxing, Dede agrees to let Jane enter him in a 3-week program, in which he travels with one else time of life prodigies.

After the program, Fred starts having whatsoever difficulties at den. As a result, Jane agrees to convey him distant to school for the time of year and kept in Jane's thoroughness.

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College turns out to be a adversity for Fred. Jane is not able to cope next to Fred's heated needs, and Fred is unqualified to fit in with the college-age kids. Although he becomes right friends beside a bohemian fictional character for a day or so, material possession don't profession out. Finally, after the Fourth of July, Fred goes back hole to be reunited beside his mother. Jane realizes her mistakes near Fred and cools low toward him.

Fred ends up inscription an journal and proper high up for a year or so and makes respective new friends.

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